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Superyacht Pilotage - Australia

Ports in most major towns and cities will require compulsory pilotage in Australia. Providing local knowledge for international captains to ensure vessels navigate port waterways safely. Each state within our country has slightly different specifics around dimensions and pilotage exemptions.


Compulsory pilotage required for vessels 30m LOA and above.

For Sydney Harbour recent changes allow a captain to sit a written exam, take a pilot on first entry to Sydney Harbour where the pilot will assess captain and crew and, if competent will be issued with a 'Temporary' Certificate of Local Knowledge (COLK) which will then allow them free movement around the harbour without the need for a pilot.


Compulsory pilotage for vessels 50m LOA and above

As well as additional areas of compulsory pilotage around the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Islands for vessels 70m LOA and over.


Pilotage is required for vessels 35m and above, however, the Captain can apply for an exemption if the vessel is deemed "low risk" i.e. if the vessel is not carrying cargo and does not have more than 12 guests onboard, here the process is similar to Sydney Harbour.


Port Phillip Bay 35m LOA and above will require pilotage.


Also 35m and above. W.A being a huge state, ports are managed by 5 different Port Authorities and with many large vessels supporting the mining industry port areas can be busy.

Before planning your trip down under, let us know!

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