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Welcome to Australia - Entry Requirements!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

A few points before you throw us your lines and we hand you a Vegemite sandwich.

Here are some brief points around Australian Entry Requirements:

Visas -

Superyacht crew are eligible for a Temporary Activity Visa for up to 12 months which requires a sponsor. This sponsor can be the yachts owner or captain and currently most crew visa applications are processed within 26 days.

Australian Border Force (Customs) -

Need at least 96 hours notice prior to arrival into our country, clearing into designated Ports of Entry. Vessels will need to provide their last four ports, crew and guests particulars and intentions during their time in Australia. Superyachts planning on cruising for 'private' purposes can be issued a control permit for up to 12months avoiding any importation fees. Yachts wishing to conduct 'charter' operations can operate under the SRV Act 2019 allowing for 12months of charter, again avoiding importation fees.

Department of Agriculture and Water (DAWE) -

Australia really is just a big island, with numerous livestock and farming history and we have done very well to protect that for a very long time. DAWE will board the vessel on the vessels arrival and look for any signs of pests, plants or pets, as well as a good rummage through your fridges.

Comment YES if Interested in knowing more about Australian Entry Requirements?

OR how to make the best Vegemite sandwich? 😉

🎶 Luude Downunder

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