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What a ride!!!

Motor Yacht Stardust a 63m Privately Owned Superyacht, contacted us in September 2021 with plans on cruising to Australia from Thailand.

At that stage Australia was still in “borders closed” mode with only hearsay around when or if they may reopen. Stardust departed Thailand in October 2021 with a planned arrival date into Newcastle, NSW approximately early November with the hope that we would soon receive clarification from NSW Health and Australian Border Force on the status of their exemptions.

Thanks largely to a determined captain and a persistent owner, the vessel pushed onto Australia and (much to our relief) cleared into Australia. The first International Superyacht to recieve exemptions from mandatory quarantine on arrival - believe us that was a night for celebration!

Stardust cruised to Sydney Harbour after a few days of preping the vessel in Newcastle to be ready for guest arrival - which trust me, isn't much time to prep a 63m yacht! We developed a close relationship with the Captain and built trust so he could rely on us to ensure the guests experience was outstanding, and from all reports, they thoroughly enjoyed their time in our country.

In some incredibly trying situations Captain Fraser Gow and his crew were always calm respectful and completely professional. This vessel paved the way for more yachts to enter Australia and enjoy some of the incredible natural beauty along our coastline.

I must say a massive thank you to Superyacht Australia for "working the political avenue" with state and federal governments to ensure exemptions and visa’s were granted for crew members - David and Maddie worked tirelessly to ensure the vessel could arrive in due time.

Stardust departed Sydney Harbour this month to continue her travels and we look forward to welcoming her and the crew back again in the future.

📸 Captain Fraser M/Y Stardust

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