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Why not come and see the 'real' Australia with us?

As well as our work to assist vessels to enter Australia with Visa and Customs, we also provide them a full concierge service!

Australia is a land of huge diversity: our culture, the landscape and of course the wildlife. Our Aboriginal people are the oldest living culture on earth, they have been managing our land for more than 65000 years.

Our vast country stretching 7.7million square kilometres provides endless opportunity for exploration, relaxation and adventure - there is literally something to suit all interests here.

We've had some very interesting requests in our time, luckily our team have travelled thoroughly throughout Australia and we know how to avoid the crowds, maintain privacy all while ensuring a phenomenal experience.

Collaborating with Tourism Australia and creating customised experiences such as golf lessons with a pro, dinner with a winemaker in the Hunter Valley, diving with a whale sharks off Ningaloo Reef, Glider Pilot lessons in The Barossa Valley, an intimate cultural experience in the Australian outback, or a completely natural Aussie wildlife encounter - memories made that will be treasured for years to come.

📸 The Blue Heeler Hotel

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