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Would you cruise this itinerary?

We are currently working with a vessel located in Fiji - Government Departments are scheduled, Visas are processed and they are waiting for that 'weather window' to depart and make their way to our beautiful country.

Their 'Port of Entry' is Brisbane for some refit and repair work; and they have recently requested a cruising itinerary which covers as far South as Tasmania and North as Darwin - visiting all the major cities and attractions along the way - although curious about other unique destinations.

Our clients are well travelled and interested in getting off the 'well worn path', so experiences in Tasmania and remote Northern Territory have been suggested to ensure a true understanding of Australian cultural and top wilderness areas and coming away with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

What are some of your fondest memories in any of these locations?

Maybe it was feeding the crocodiles on Adelaide River, searching for white wallabies (albino) on Brunie Island or simply a hike in the Blue Mountains - we'd love to know!

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