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"You don't build a business, you build people - and then people build your business" - Zig Ziglar

It overwhelms me that no matter what our business is trying to achieve within our marine industry, assistance is always offered with clear guidance and support. Whether we collaborate with Marinas, Shipyards, Government Officials, Freight and Logistics, we all seem to have a similar goal - 'attracting more international vessels to holiday in our waters, which will support our economy and provide more jobs.'

My partner Dave, a helicopter pilot, will tell you I dragged him out of the love of his aviation career to start Superyachts 153° - also on a regular occasion he tells me how amazing it is to "work with such supportive individuals; its just not like that in the aviation world."

We were contacted by the captain of Motor Yacht Stardust in October 2021 with their interest in travelling to Australia and the hope to be berthed in Sydney Harbour for New Years 2021 / 2022. For those in our industry, you know that most vessels book berths in Sydney Harbour for NYE 12 months or more in advance, so we knew this would be an interesting exercise.

The chase began, calling all possible locations to berth Stardust. We had met most marina managers and Port Authority Representatives, although hadn't had the opportunity to build strong 'relationships.'

We must say Thank You to Thales Marine Group in Newcastle, Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay and Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney who all worked tirelessly to accommodate this 63m beauty. This exercise involved shuffling other vessels, adjusting power outlets, coordinating deliveries and not to mention assisting with last minute dinner reservations Alasdair Wells. Everyone collaborated to ensure the crew and owners had a fantastic time in Australia with the hope of seeing them again - which I have been told we will!

What support do you receive from your industry professionals?

📸 Motor Yacht Stardust 63m Amels

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