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  • STARLINK for the open sea!

    We've recently had some yachts installing Captain Elon's Starlink Maritime on their vessels. Boasting download speeds up to 350Mbs, and soon enough worldwide coverage (expected early 2023 according to their website - see link in comments below) allowing crew uninterrupted 'Tiktoking' and owners instant share price access. Comparatively cheap in comparison to current V-Sat options with hardware coming in at $U.S10000 and monthly fees of $U.S5000. With several companies here in Australia ready to assist with installation, will Starlink Maritime be an option for your yacht? You can see how people vote. Learn more Installed, we are impressed 42% Installed, reserving judgement 3% Eagerly awaiting these results 55%

  • Superyacht Pilotage - Australia

    Ports in most major towns and cities will require compulsory pilotage in Australia. Providing local knowledge for international captains to ensure vessels navigate port waterways safely. Each state within our country has slightly different specifics around dimensions and pilotage exemptions. NEW SOUTH WALES Compulsory pilotage required for vessels 30m LOA and above. For Sydney Harbour recent changes allow a captain to sit a written exam, take a pilot on first entry to Sydney Harbour where the pilot will assess captain and crew and, if competent will be issued with a 'Temporary' Certificate of Local Knowledge (COLK) which will then allow them free movement around the harbour without the need for a pilot. QUEENSLAND Compulsory pilotage for vessels 50m LOA and above As well as additional areas of compulsory pilotage around the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Islands for vessels 70m LOA and over. TASMANIA Pilotage is required for vessels 35m and above, however, the Captain can apply for an exemption if the vessel is deemed "low risk" i.e. if the vessel is not carrying cargo and does not have more than 12 guests onboard, here the process is similar to Sydney Harbour. VICTORIA Port Phillip Bay 35m LOA and above will require pilotage. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Also 35m and above. W.A being a huge state, ports are managed by 5 different Port Authorities and with many large vessels supporting the mining industry port areas can be busy. Before planning your trip down under, let us know!

  • Megayacht News - Kimberley Region, Western Australia

    Are "the first, and only, independent website devoted to educating American luxury-yacht owners and buyers. We help these savvy consumers and their representatives make better-informed decisions when it comes to commissioning and using their yachts." It was such a pleasure working with Editor Diane M. Byrne from Megayacht News on this article and discussing the vast cruising/charter options in Australia. This article highlights the Kimberley Region in Western Australia - for more information click on the link below.

  • Australia InDepth - A Refit Capital

    Episode 2 of Australia InDepth series looks at the world class refit and repair options Australia can provide Superyachts - from a minor hull scrub to full refit and repair both the East and West Coast offers quality craftsmen dedicated to delivering impeccable results to ensure the yacht stays in pristine condition. With more and more maintenance infrastructure developing this will allow more support to vessels cruising Australia and the Asia Pacific. Don't miss out on seeing Series 2 Episode 1 - "A Refit Capital" below:

  • An ancient culture awaits!

    For 65,000 years Australia's first people have managed, existed, hunted, gathered, laughed and sang, documenting their history through incredible stories of creation explained through dance and rock art. Some of the most impressive rock art is the Gwion (previously know as The Bradshaws) paintings found in The Kimberley region in Western Australia. These paintings depict human figures dynamically, or suspended in the air, dating back approximately 15,000 years with archaeologist suggesting some of the Gwion as old as 40,000 years - to put that in some perspective the Mona Lisa is 500 years old. I have always appreciated learning about the culture in different countries around the world and visiting archaeological sites: Stonehenge - United Kingdom, Chichen Itza - Mexico, Acropolis of Athens - Greece, Tikal - Guatemala, Machu Picchu - Peru. Australian Aboriginal culture is as fascinating as it is diverse; at the time of European arrival in the late 1700's approximately 250 different languages were spoken across the country - fascinating stories await!

  • Vision:

    "To grow Queensland’s share of the Australian superyacht sector to 90 per cent by 2028 so Queensland is world recognised as the major superyacht hub in the Asia-Pacific region." No - this is not my vision although it is one that I would love to see come to fruition. The above is directly out of the Queensland Superyacht Strategy 2018-2028 Edition 2 from The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning - DSDILGP. It is a great article, see link in comments below! The DSDILGP has created a ten-year plan which is part of the $3.34 billion Queensland Jobs Fund, demonstrating the state’s commitment to growing the superyacht industry and outlines their vision and priorities to deliver high-skilled jobs now and for future generations. It is wonderful to have Queensland Government supporting our industry and now with further interest from other Australian state and territory governing officials. A 10 year plan seems extreme, although that time will pass quickly. Last week we met with our accountants and the question was asked about our business vision and our "retirement plan." Retirement - really!? We have our business vision but had not given a retirement plan any thought, not something many people consider in their 30's. Click on the image below for the full article!

  • Corina Wilson and Dave Saul

    Corina grew up in a small country town in Northern New South Wales, Australia. After traveling to Japan as an exchange student she found her love for business and travel. During Corina's studies she was a manager at Target Australia; and after 5 years of managing stores throughout Australia, it was time to follow her dream of working in the international marine industry. With over 10 years experience working onboard Superyachts in numerous roles; Corina returned home to manage marinas before meeting partner Dave in the aviation industry. Dave grew up in a small village in Mid-Coast New South Wales, Australia. He started his professional life at Kenvale Hospitality and Hotel College which led him to a career in Luxury Hotel Management for 15 years both domestic and international. After 5 years of working on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays, and many helicopter flights as a guide, a passion was sparked for the aviation industry - now with 12 years as a commercial pilot flying all over Australia including 3 years in Airlie Beach - flying now on a more casual basis since returning home from Vanuatu. Corina and Dave started the Superyacht Agency after seeing an opportunity to support a growing industry. With Corina’s marine experience, Daves hospitality and aviation knowledge plus their combined knowledge of Australia - they make a great team!

  • Cruising the South Pacific

    What an opportunity to explore the South Pacific and the diversity of cruising grounds available all within close proximity. Tropical Southern Hemisphere winters in Bora Bora French Polyenesia, or Yasawa Islands of Fiji or the Whitsunday's and the Great Barrier Reef, New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour or watch the Super Maxi's in the famous Sydney to Hobart race blast past at arms length on Boxing Day. If the temperature is still a little warm in Australia head further South to Marlborough Sound and explore New Zealand's South Island - or even more remote Fjordland on the West Coast and the awe-inspiring Milford Sound. Decades may pass and there will still be new cruising grounds to be explored and we are more than happy to assist with putting you in contact with the right people in the countries you are interested in cruising. The South Pacific is Superyacht ready....are you? Click on the link below from Dockwalk featuring their article around the latest opportunities for superyachts to cruise the South Pacific.

  • Did you know...

    A superyacht spends 10% of a million dollars, per metre, per annum as a rough average - SO, to break it down - a vessel that is 60 meters in length spends on average $6 million per annum. These costs include such things as crew wages, however, a lot of the expenditure includes provisions, uniforms, training, medical supplies, fuel, refit & repair works, marina reservations, tourism activities - just to name a few. Dave often reminds me how much I repeat my stories about the value to family owned or small businesses that these superyachts can bring, and the appreciation that follows. My stories vary from a husband and wife upholstery business in New Zealand, sole butcher in Italy that did not speak English and the chef no Italian - communication was through imagery, a small provisioning company in Roatan, crew medical training in Palma, and recently a wholesale florist in Sydney who mentioned our vessel ordered more flowers a fortnight than her local retail stores. We put vessels in touch with exceptional service providers Australia wide, to ensure they have the best experience in each location they visit - and what an experience for these local businesses. Depending on what the vessel's specific needs are, will depend on our recommendations as every captain, crew and owner are different with each vessel unique in its own way!

  • Australia is OPEN for CHARTER!

    Welcome International Charter Vessels! Since our legislation pass in December 2019, Australia has not had an opportunity to tell the world "WE ARE OPEN FOR CHARTER." This week the much anticipated return of the MYBA Charter Show was held in Marina Port Vell Barcelona, Spain - one of the key charter shows in the world. Maddie Spencer from AIMEX/Superyacht Australia represented our country to let the world know that we are ready and waiting to welcome more international charter vessels. Whilst the international charter vessel is in Australia under the SRV Act 2019, it remains under the control of Australian Border Force with reporting around vessels movements - We are here to provide all the necessary reporting to Australian Border Force on the vessels behalf to relief this stress from the captain. Southern Hemisphere summers in Sydney and along the NSW East Coast, or for the more adventurous Tasmania and its rugged landscapes, majestic hiking and incredible wineries or Golf Courses (check out Barnbougle) Winters diving the Great Barrier Reef, or exploring the remote Kimberley region on the West Coast. Could Australia, with its easy access to the South Pacific, be a charter destination for you? 📸 Superyachttimes

  • My favourite way of marketing!

    How much do you learn from your industry professionals? My favourite kind of marketing is connecting with other yacht agents all over the world. We learn so much by building relationship establishments through assisting each other in operations, values and of course passing business leads. The Mediterranean cruising season is starting soon, some vessels have decide to partake and are on their way - or already situated - others have decide to make their way to our South Pacific Region. We appreciate that no matter how far across the globe our business relationships may be - we all have the same vision to inspire our vessels to cruise unique destinations with ease. Thank you CYOR Shore Support Yachting Agency Montenegro, for your continuous support. Click on the link below to see more:

  • Would you cruise this itinerary?

    We are currently working with a vessel located in Fiji - Government Departments are scheduled, Visas are processed and they are waiting for that 'weather window' to depart and make their way to our beautiful country. Their 'Port of Entry' is Brisbane for some refit and repair work; and they have recently requested a cruising itinerary which covers as far South as Tasmania and North as Darwin - visiting all the major cities and attractions along the way - although curious about other unique destinations. Our clients are well travelled and interested in getting off the 'well worn path', so experiences in Tasmania and remote Northern Territory have been suggested to ensure a true understanding of Australian cultural and top wilderness areas and coming away with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. What are some of your fondest memories in any of these locations? Maybe it was feeding the crocodiles on Adelaide River, searching for white wallabies (albino) on Brunie Island or simply a hike in the Blue Mountains - we'd love to know!

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