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  • Did you know...

    A superyacht spends 10% of a million dollars, per metre, per annum as a rough average - SO, to break it down - a vessel that is 60 meters in length spends on average $6 million per annum. These costs include such things as crew wages, however, a lot of the expenditure includes provisions, uniforms, training, medical supplies, fuel, refit & repair works, marina reservations, tourism activities - just to name a few. Dave often reminds me how much I repeat my stories about the value to family owned or small businesses that these superyachts can bring, and the appreciation that follows. My stories vary from a husband and wife upholstery business in New Zealand, sole butcher in Italy that did not speak English and the chef no Italian - communication was through imagery, a small provisioning company in Roatan, crew medical training in Palma, and recently a wholesale florist in Sydney who mentioned our vessel ordered more flowers a fortnight than her local retail stores. We put vessels in touch with exceptional service providers Australia wide, to ensure they have the best experience in each location they visit - and what an experience for these local businesses. Depending on what the vessel's specific needs are, will depend on our recommendations as every captain, crew and owner are different with each vessel unique in its own way!

  • Australia is OPEN for CHARTER!

    Welcome International Charter Vessels! Since our legislation pass in December 2019, Australia has not had an opportunity to tell the world "WE ARE OPEN FOR CHARTER." This week the much anticipated return of the MYBA Charter Show was held in Marina Port Vell Barcelona, Spain - one of the key charter shows in the world. Maddie Spencer from AIMEX/Superyacht Australia represented our country to let the world know that we are ready and waiting to welcome more international charter vessels. Whilst the international charter vessel is in Australia under the SRV Act 2019, it remains under the control of Australian Border Force with reporting around vessels movements - We are here to provide all the necessary reporting to Australian Border Force on the vessels behalf to relief this stress from the captain. Southern Hemisphere summers in Sydney and along the NSW East Coast, or for the more adventurous Tasmania and its rugged landscapes, majestic hiking and incredible wineries or Golf Courses (check out Barnbougle) Winters diving the Great Barrier Reef, or exploring the remote Kimberley region on the West Coast. Could Australia, with its easy access to the South Pacific, be a charter destination for you? 📸 Superyachttimes

  • My favourite way of marketing!

    How much do you learn from your industry professionals? My favourite kind of marketing is connecting with other yacht agents all over the world. We learn so much by building relationship establishments through assisting each other in operations, values and of course passing business leads. The Mediterranean cruising season is starting soon, some vessels have decide to partake and are on their way - or already situated - others have decide to make their way to our South Pacific Region. We appreciate that no matter how far across the globe our business relationships may be - we all have the same vision to inspire our vessels to cruise unique destinations with ease. Thank you CYOR Shore Support Yachting Agency Montenegro, for your continuous support. Click on the link below to see more:

  • Would you cruise this itinerary?

    We are currently working with a vessel located in Fiji - Government Departments are scheduled, Visas are processed and they are waiting for that 'weather window' to depart and make their way to our beautiful country. Their 'Port of Entry' is Brisbane for some refit and repair work; and they have recently requested a cruising itinerary which covers as far South as Tasmania and North as Darwin - visiting all the major cities and attractions along the way - although curious about other unique destinations. Our clients are well travelled and interested in getting off the 'well worn path', so experiences in Tasmania and remote Northern Territory have been suggested to ensure a true understanding of Australian cultural and top wilderness areas and coming away with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. What are some of your fondest memories in any of these locations? Maybe it was feeding the crocodiles on Adelaide River, searching for white wallabies (albino) on Brunie Island or simply a hike in the Blue Mountains - we'd love to know!

  • Why not come and see the 'real' Australia with us?

    As well as our work to assist vessels to enter Australia with Visa and Customs, we also provide them a full concierge service! Australia is a land of huge diversity: our culture, the landscape and of course the wildlife. Our Aboriginal people are the oldest living culture on earth, they have been managing our land for more than 65000 years. Our vast country stretching 7.7million square kilometres provides endless opportunity for exploration, relaxation and adventure - there is literally something to suit all interests here. We've had some very interesting requests in our time, luckily our team have travelled thoroughly throughout Australia and we know how to avoid the crowds, maintain privacy all while ensuring a phenomenal experience. Collaborating with Tourism Australia and creating customised experiences such as golf lessons with a pro, dinner with a winemaker in the Hunter Valley, diving with a whale sharks off Ningaloo Reef, Glider Pilot lessons in The Barossa Valley, an intimate cultural experience in the Australian outback, or a completely natural Aussie wildlife encounter - memories made that will be treasured for years to come. 📸 The Blue Heeler Hotel

  • Feature Article are an international luxury yachting and lifestyle organisation that provides extensive information on the latest news about marinas, destinations, lifestyle, vessels and much more! The team at, accompanied by Superyacht Australia and other respected marine industry professionals have produced a 9-part series which will be launched over the coming months, showcasing the immense opportunities for superyacht cruising within our beautiful country. With a casual sophistication and the infrastructure of a first world country, Australia is the South Pacific superyacht hub providing endless opportunities. We were very excited to recently have the opportunity to speak with content director George Bains about our approach to helping superyachts navigate contemporary challenges, as well as the growing excitement around cruising in Australia. If you are interested in the latest news and updates on everything luxury yachting and lifestyle, you must take a look at website. For our full editorial please click on the button below.

  • 74 Island Paradise!

    I have been extremely fortunate to spend time in some of the most exotic destinations all over the world - The Bahamas, Croatia, Monaco, Montenegro, Tahiti - sorry I'm bragging I know. Close to the top of my favourite list is certainly Australia's own Whitsunday Islands. About half way between Brisbane and Cairns these 74 tropical gems create some incredible cruising and adventure opportunities. No doubt you've seen photos of Whitehaven Beach, Hayman Island or Dent Island Golf Course, these are only just snipits of the Whitsunday group. The Islands offer protected diving and snorkelling opportunities in most wind conditions, or access to luxury resorts such as the Intercontinental Hayman Island or Qualia resort Hamilton Island. Hike to the top of Hook Island for uninterrupted views, or a beach all to yourself on any of the islands you please! In close proximity to the Islands is the mainland resort town of Airlie Beach, really a gateway to the islands and the Great Barrier Reef. When i visited we berthed at Coral Sea Marina Resort in Airlie Beach who offer 5 Gold Anchor standard marina services, and berthing for superyachts up to 80m in length. Easy walking distance to excellent restaurants and bars Coral Sea Marina is a sensational destination for Superyachts operating privately or looking to spend a season chartering. They certainly set the marina standard very high! 📸 Coral Sea Marina

  • How strict are Australian Customs?

    Australia's Bio-Security laws are famous for being perhaps the strictest in the world to protect our health, wellbeing, environment, and economy. To protect our environment, certain goods are prohibited from entering the country due to the threat of introducing invasive pests and diseases. 'Pest freedom' gives Australian producers an advantage in international markets and provides us with safer and cheaper locally produced food. To avoid penalties and fines and reduce the risk of delays when entering Australia, Superyachts 153° will assist you with the process providing detailed information so captains and crew can have their vessels prepared accordingly for an efficient Australian Entry. Quite often vessels will have a substantial beverage store onboard, these items are declared prior to arrival and Australian Border Force will allow an allocation pending numbers of people onboard the vessel. Mostly the remaining alcohol could be sealed by Border Force for the duration of the stay in Australia. Beverages may also be imported when required for consumption. Items such as fresh fruit and vegetables some meats are also prohibited to provide protection for Australian farmers. We provide detailed lists so wastage and additional expenses can be prevented. It's all in a day's work for us to assist vessels and crew arriving into Australia, and we arrange all the protocols to comply with Department of Agriculture regulations and Biosecurity Inspections.

  • What a ride!!!

    Motor Yacht Stardust a 63m Privately Owned Superyacht, contacted us in September 2021 with plans on cruising to Australia from Thailand. At that stage Australia was still in “borders closed” mode with only hearsay around when or if they may reopen. Stardust departed Thailand in October 2021 with a planned arrival date into Newcastle, NSW approximately early November with the hope that we would soon receive clarification from NSW Health and Australian Border Force on the status of their exemptions. Thanks largely to a determined captain and a persistent owner, the vessel pushed onto Australia and (much to our relief) cleared into Australia. The first International Superyacht to recieve exemptions from mandatory quarantine on arrival - believe us that was a night for celebration! Stardust cruised to Sydney Harbour after a few days of preping the vessel in Newcastle to be ready for guest arrival - which trust me, isn't much time to prep a 63m yacht! We developed a close relationship with the Captain and built trust so he could rely on us to ensure the guests experience was outstanding, and from all reports, they thoroughly enjoyed their time in our country. In some incredibly trying situations Captain Fraser Gow and his crew were always calm respectful and completely professional. This vessel paved the way for more yachts to enter Australia and enjoy some of the incredible natural beauty along our coastline. I must say a massive thank you to Superyacht Australia for "working the political avenue" with state and federal governments to ensure exemptions and visa’s were granted for crew members - David and Maddie worked tirelessly to ensure the vessel could arrive in due time. Stardust departed Sydney Harbour this month to continue her travels and we look forward to welcoming her and the crew back again in the future. 📸 Captain Fraser M/Y Stardust

  • "You don't build a business, you build people - and then people build your business" - Zig Ziglar

    It overwhelms me that no matter what our business is trying to achieve within our marine industry, assistance is always offered with clear guidance and support. Whether we collaborate with Marinas, Shipyards, Government Officials, Freight and Logistics, we all seem to have a similar goal - 'attracting more international vessels to holiday in our waters, which will support our economy and provide more jobs.' My partner Dave, a helicopter pilot, will tell you I dragged him out of the love of his aviation career to start Superyachts 153° - also on a regular occasion he tells me how amazing it is to "work with such supportive individuals; its just not like that in the aviation world." We were contacted by the captain of Motor Yacht Stardust in October 2021 with their interest in travelling to Australia and the hope to be berthed in Sydney Harbour for New Years 2021 / 2022. For those in our industry, you know that most vessels book berths in Sydney Harbour for NYE 12 months or more in advance, so we knew this would be an interesting exercise. The chase began, calling all possible locations to berth Stardust. We had met most marina managers and Port Authority Representatives, although hadn't had the opportunity to build strong 'relationships.' We must say Thank You to Thales Marine Group in Newcastle, Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay and Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney who all worked tirelessly to accommodate this 63m beauty. This exercise involved shuffling other vessels, adjusting power outlets, coordinating deliveries and not to mention assisting with last minute dinner reservations Alasdair Wells. Everyone collaborated to ensure the crew and owners had a fantastic time in Australia with the hope of seeing them again - which I have been told we will! What support do you receive from your industry professionals? 📸 Motor Yacht Stardust 63m Amels

  • Welcome to Australia - Entry Requirements!

    A few points before you throw us your lines and we hand you a Vegemite sandwich. Here are some brief points around Australian Entry Requirements: Visas - Superyacht crew are eligible for a Temporary Activity Visa for up to 12 months which requires a sponsor. This sponsor can be the yachts owner or captain and currently most crew visa applications are processed within 26 days. Australian Border Force (Customs) - Need at least 96 hours notice prior to arrival into our country, clearing into designated Ports of Entry. Vessels will need to provide their last four ports, crew and guests particulars and intentions during their time in Australia. Superyachts planning on cruising for 'private' purposes can be issued a control permit for up to 12months avoiding any importation fees. Yachts wishing to conduct 'charter' operations can operate under the SRV Act 2019 allowing for 12months of charter, again avoiding importation fees. Department of Agriculture and Water (DAWE) - Australia really is just a big island, with numerous livestock and farming history and we have done very well to protect that for a very long time. DAWE will board the vessel on the vessels arrival and look for any signs of pests, plants or pets, as well as a good rummage through your fridges. Comment YES if Interested in knowing more about Australian Entry Requirements? OR how to make the best Vegemite sandwich? 😉 🎶 Luude Downunder

  • Considered chartering a vessel through the South Pacific?

    The South Pacific offers a plethora of options to indulge guests! French Polynesia for example, offers dramatic tropical landscapes with cloud touching, lush green peaks and famous turquoise waters - a Southern Hemisphere winter here is not very hard to take. Australia's neighbouring country New Zealand - the South Islands Fjords incredible passion for adventure sports, Maori Culture, and sensational Pinot Noirs. New Zealand can be an all year round destination if winter sports are high on your priority list, the Kiwis have it nailed with great potential for Heli Skiing. Australia, well its huge - so there are options of plenty for charter here. The experiences of The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays and Sydney Harbour are all of course iconic - but what about Tasmania and its wildlife in abundance; or The West Coast with options like Killer Whale experiences, Whale Shark Dives or putting the bow of your vessel under King George Waterfalls in The Kimberley's. Take a history lesson dating back 65000 years with a local from the worlds oldest living culture. Sounds pretty amazing to me! Superyachts 153° collaborates with agents in both Tahiti and New Zealand, as well as most South Pacific countries. Don't be daunted by the unknown, we're here to help! What do you need to know before you consider the South Pacific? 📸 Wineglass Bay Tasmania, Australia

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