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A control permit will be issued to the Master of the craft if the vessel is transiting Australia for non-commercial purposes. Control permits may be issued for a period of 12 months, or the length of the Master’s visa, whichever is less. Extension of the permit may be granted on application, provided that you meet eligibility requirements and have an appropriate visa.

Cruising permits will not be issued if:

  • The vessel is owned or operated by an Australian resident unless exceptional circumstances apply;

  • The vessel is to be used for commercial purposes (eg. charter, hire or lease);

  • The vessel, or parts of the vessel, are to be sold or listed for sale.


For foreign vessels, the Special Recreational Vessel Act 2019 was passed by the Australian Government to facilitate this. A Coastal Trading Temporary Licence is required for a vessel to undertake commercial voyages. The licence is valid for a period of 12 months. Additional licences can be applied for prior to the completion of each 12-month period.


Whilst the vessel is in Australia under the SRV Act 2019, it remains under the control of Australian Border Force with reporting around vessels movements. Superyachts 153° can provide all the necessary reporting to Australian Border Force on your behalf.  

Temporary Importation can also be an option - please scroll below for more information.

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Temporary importation is available for when the vessels’ are interested on refit/repair, charter or private cruising without paying Customs Duty and Tax on the vessel, under the temporary importation the vessel is also permitted to charter. Customs duty and tax is subject to:


  • The vessel being exported within 12 months of arrival; and

  • An appropriate bank guarantee being provided equal to the duty and tax that would otherwise be payable.