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How strict are Australian Customs?

Australia's Bio-Security laws are famous for being perhaps the strictest in the world to protect our health, wellbeing, environment, and economy.

To protect our environment, certain goods are prohibited from entering the country due to the threat of introducing invasive pests and diseases. 'Pest freedom' gives Australian producers an advantage in international markets and provides us with safer and cheaper locally produced food.

To avoid penalties and fines and reduce the risk of delays when entering Australia, Superyachts 153° will assist you with the process providing detailed information so captains and crew can have their vessels prepared accordingly for an efficient Australian Entry.

Quite often vessels will have a substantial beverage store onboard, these items are declared prior to arrival and Australian Border Force will allow an allocation pending numbers of people onboard the vessel. Mostly the remaining alcohol could be sealed by Border Force for the duration of the stay in Australia. Beverages may also be imported when required for consumption.

Items such as fresh fruit and vegetables some meats are also prohibited to provide protection for Australian farmers. We provide detailed lists so wastage and additional expenses can be prevented.

It's all in a day's work for us to assist vessels and crew arriving into Australia, and we arrange all the protocols to comply with Department of Agriculture regulations and Biosecurity Inspections.

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