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  • M/Y Gran Finale Lauds Exemplary Service on Return to Australia

    Thank you George from for featuring us in your fantastic article! It was a pleasure for me working with this vessel again. She holds a special place in my heart as I was employed onboard for a many years, still in communication with the owners and it was great working with captains Joshand Glenn once again. We feel equally privileged to have collaborated with internationally recognised organisations such as Coral Sea Marina, Rivergate Marina & Shipyard, plus Sydney Superyacht Marina Pty Ltd during the vessels journey in our country. "Since arriving to Coral Sea Marina in October, Gran Finale cruised the Whitsunday Islands with her owner before heading to Brisbane to complete a month of maintenance works at Rivergate. With everything in order before Christmas, the superyacht was able to welcome back her owner to enjoy the iconic New Year’s Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour, where she berthed at the centrally located Sydney Superyacht Marina" mentions George. As a destination, Australia offers an all-year-round playground that is becoming increasingly sought-after by superyachts. The adventure and diversity of these cruising regions is not the only attraction for yachts visiting the country, with a wealth of world-class shipyard and marina facilities creating a thriving yachting hub in the Asia Pacific region. To see the full article and feature video/images (not to be missed) please click on the link below.

  • Big Beautiful Superyachts Built Right Here In 🇦🇺🇦🇺

    The latest yacht that splashed from Australian Boat builder Silveryachts, was launched in October 2022 - 85m 'Wanderlust'. A great article (link in the comments) highlights some of the stunning superyacht creations that have been built in our country...and features one of the vessels I was employed on 54m 'Fortunate Sun'. We have an enviable reputation for quality builds, detailed refits, and on-time service. When you're travelling the South Pacific, and thousands of miles away from your home port, refit or repair can be daunting. Captains quickly feel at ease after speaking with shipyard managers in our country who are confident that their project will be managed with the care, detail and quality they expect in Europe or The U.S. 📸Boat International This wet bar provides a luxe centrepiece for the interior of 84m 'White Rabbit' (White Rabbit designed by Sam Sorgiovanni Echo Yachts )

  • Points around Australian Entry Requirements

    Visas Superyacht crew are eligible for a Temporary Activity Visa for up to 12 months which requires a Sponsor. This sponsor can be the yachts owner (individual or company) or the captain. Currently most crew visa applications are being processed efficiently - obviously it's a case by case situation, although our last vessel the visas were processed by Home Affairs within 2 weeks. Australian Border Force (Customs) Need at least 96 hours notice prior to arrival (the more notice the better) into our country clearing into designated Ports of Entry. Vessels will need to provide their last four ports, crew and guests particulars and intentions during their time in Australia. There are now numerous options for Superyachts planning on cruising either for Private purposes or Charter. Depending on your owners or vessel intentions we can look at what options would be best for ease and flexible movements. Once docked ABF will board the vessel; different to some of the other South Pacific islands - our Border Force Department are very efficient and detailed, so the more we have you prepared for arrival by having you prepared for inspection the easy and quicker this process will be. Department of Agriculture and Water (DAWE) Australia really is just a big island, with a thriving livestock and farming history which we have done very well to protect for a very long time. DAWE will board the vessel on arrival and look for any signs of pests, plants or pets, as well as a good rummage through your fridges and most of the vessel. Again, with our assistance this process will be quick and efficient if you are prepared. With our online application forms to collect Visa, Border Force, and to provide information to captains allowing them to prepare for arrival - our entry process into Australia has never been more efficient Can You Bring It Into Australia?

  • Guides Designed for Superyachts to Cruise The Whitsundays, Southern Queensland and New South Wales

    The Whitsunday Southern Queensland Superyacht Guide NSW Superyacht Guide Marine Park Permits New South Wales

  • Superyachts Guide to the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait

    From Permits required, Pilotage, VTS Requirements, Anchorages and more for both private (recreational) and commerical vessels. Download the guide below for more information:

  • Introducing the NSW Marine Parks Multi-Pass

    Superyachts 153° have been head down and busy working with Department of Primary Industry in New South Wales Australia, to now provide a more streamline and flexible option for Marine Park Permits. Protecting our natural assets is essential, it's why so many visitors come to our shores each year, in particular our marine parks. “…so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable... few islands, surely, can be so accessible, so remarkable, yet so unspoilt.” Sir David Attenborough said of Lord Howe Island about 270Nm off the East Coast - one of the seven marine parks on the NSW Coast. Originally each individual marine park would require a permit for a superyacht to visit both for private and charter yachts, meaning extensive paperwork for each application. Now with the Marine Park Multi-Pass and Superyachts 153° simple click and upload online form - access in some of the most stunning places in NSW has never been easier. Guests can go diving with the Grey Nurse Sharks off Cape Byron, walking the white silica sands in Jervis Bay, or climbing the towering Mount Lidgbird on Lord Howe Island for an unsurpassed view of their yacht. Are you interested in cruising a NSW Marine Park this summer season ? Need assistance with a permit ? Please reach out, you will be glad you did. For more information about these stunning destinations, please click on the button below for the NSW Superyacht Guide.

  • Superyacht Freight and Logistics

    When I worked on superyachts shipping to different countries for yard periods was always stressful! Depending on which country you were in, where you were shipping goods from, how much Duty/GST/VAT etc. you may need to pay (and if you could claim that back) will the goods arrive and clear customs on time, or one detail was missed on the shipping note so your items were lost and required to be 'hunted down' - more likely than not, just sitting at customs waiting to be cleared by SOMEONE. Luckily, here in Australia shipping is fairly straight forward when you understand the process. With well organised freight forwarding companies and customs brokers shipping spare parts, equipment or supplies need not be a hassle. In most cases goods can be temporarily imported and as long as those good are exported (depart with the yacht) within 12 months of their arrival then the Import Duty and GST on the goods usually payable can be claimed back. At Superachts 153° we work closely with custom brokers to ensure you receive your goods on-time, by providing all the information you will need to avoid paying Import Duty and GST and those timely delays.

  • Megayacht News - Tasmania By Superyacht

    TASMANIA BY SUPERYACHT: NATURALLY DIFFERENT & DIVERSE - went live on Megayacht News website August 20 2022. Thank you Diane M. Byrne, once again it has been a delight working with you & we look forward to future collaborations. Editors Note: “Their yacht agency, Superyachts 153°, assists with all needs, including itinerary planning. While they enthusiastically recommend the Kimberley cruising region, they additionally recommend Tasmania by superyacht. The region is especially naturally beautiful. This two-week itinerary takes you round-trip from Hobart through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wine regions, and more. Saul and Wilson say you could easily spend a month in the area, too. Nature is what Tasmania does best, and you have plenty to choose from, with 19 National Parks scattered around the state. Solitary beaches, bush walks, mountainous backdrops, and an array of wildlife.……” To read our full article please click on the link below!

  • Few places on the planet rival Australia for its spirit of adventure

    Blessed with a mosaic of rugged/ravishing landscapes and gorgeous coastline, our sun-soaked country offers the perfect settings for exhilarating activities both on land and at sea. Our Operations Manager Dave (who usually prefers to stay behind the scenes) gives a brief overview on the vast cruising opportunities our country has on offer. If your guests, or crew, are interested in diving with giant clams or crocodiles, world class surf breaks, rafting white water rapids, hiking in the worlds oldest rainforest or enjoying a bottle of Shiraz onboard from some of the worlds oldest vines with no other vessel in sight - then its time to plot your chart to Australia! Is Dave's enthusiasm contagious? Are you ready to 'Tour Down Under.'

  • Australia InDepth Series - Custom Creations

    The Australia InDepth Series 2 Episode 2 has now launched! showcases "Australia’s proud heritage as a shipbuilding nation, as we hear from the builders, designers, and specialised trades that make up this innovative industry. Across the world, there is a huge demand and value placed on premium Australian-made products. From legendary designers and superyachts of the past, to modern icons Bold and White Rabbit - Australia has carved out its place as an industry innovator." Don't miss out - view the full episode below

  • STARLINK for the open sea!

    We've recently had some yachts installing Captain Elon's Starlink Maritime on their vessels. Boasting download speeds up to 350Mbs, and soon enough worldwide coverage (expected early 2023 according to their website - see link in comments below) allowing crew uninterrupted 'Tiktoking' and owners instant share price access. Comparatively cheap in comparison to current V-Sat options with hardware coming in at $U.S10000 and monthly fees of $U.S5000. With several companies here in Australia ready to assist with installation, will Starlink Maritime be an option for your yacht? You can see how people vote. Learn more Installed, we are impressed 42% Installed, reserving judgement 3% Eagerly awaiting these results 55%

  • Superyacht Pilotage - Australia

    Ports in most major towns and cities will require compulsory pilotage in Australia. Providing local knowledge for international captains to ensure vessels navigate port waterways safely. Each state within our country has slightly different specifics around dimensions and pilotage exemptions. NEW SOUTH WALES Compulsory pilotage required for vessels 30m LOA and above. For Sydney Harbour recent changes allow a captain to sit a written exam, take a pilot on first entry to Sydney Harbour where the pilot will assess captain and crew and, if competent will be issued with a 'Temporary' Certificate of Local Knowledge (COLK) which will then allow them free movement around the harbour without the need for a pilot. QUEENSLAND Compulsory pilotage for vessels 50m LOA and above As well as additional areas of compulsory pilotage around the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Islands for vessels 70m LOA and over. TASMANIA Pilotage is required for vessels 35m and above, however, the Captain can apply for an exemption if the vessel is deemed "low risk" i.e. if the vessel is not carrying cargo and does not have more than 12 guests onboard, here the process is similar to Sydney Harbour. VICTORIA Port Phillip Bay 35m LOA and above will require pilotage. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Also 35m and above. W.A being a huge state, ports are managed by 5 different Port Authorities and with many large vessels supporting the mining industry port areas can be busy. Before planning your trip down under, let us know!

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