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An ancient culture awaits!

For 65,000 years Australia's first people have managed, existed, hunted, gathered, laughed and sang, documenting their history through incredible stories of creation explained through dance and rock art.

Some of the most impressive rock art is the Gwion (previously know as The Bradshaws) paintings found in The Kimberley region in Western Australia. These paintings depict human figures dynamically, or suspended in the air, dating back approximately 15,000 years with archaeologist suggesting some of the Gwion as old as 40,000 years - to put that in some perspective the Mona Lisa is 500 years old.

I have always appreciated learning about the culture in different countries around the world and visiting archaeological sites: Stonehenge - United Kingdom, Chichen Itza - Mexico, Acropolis of Athens - Greece, Tikal - Guatemala, Machu Picchu - Peru.

Australian Aboriginal culture is as fascinating as it is diverse; at the time of European arrival in the late 1700's approximately 250 different languages were spoken across the country - fascinating stories await!

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