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Did you know...

A superyacht spends 10% of a million dollars, per metre, per annum as a rough average - SO, to break it down - a vessel that is 60 meters in length spends on average $6 million per annum. These costs include such things as crew wages, however, a lot of the expenditure includes provisions, uniforms, training, medical supplies, fuel, refit & repair works, marina reservations, tourism activities - just to name a few.

Dave often reminds me how much I repeat my stories about the value to family owned or small businesses that these superyachts can bring, and the appreciation that follows. My stories vary from a husband and wife upholstery business in New Zealand, sole butcher in Italy that did not speak English and the chef no Italian - communication was through imagery, a small provisioning company in Roatan, crew medical training in Palma, and recently a wholesale florist in Sydney who mentioned our vessel ordered more flowers a fortnight than her local retail stores.

We put vessels in touch with exceptional service providers Australia wide, to ensure they have the best experience in each location they visit - and what an experience for these local businesses.

Depending on what the vessel's specific needs are, will depend on our recommendations as every captain, crew and owner are different with each vessel unique in its own way!

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