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Megayacht News - Tasmania By Superyacht

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

TASMANIA BY SUPERYACHT: NATURALLY DIFFERENT & DIVERSE - went live on Megayacht News website August 20 2022.

Thank you Diane M. Byrne, once again it has been a delight working with you & we look forward to future collaborations.

Editors Note:

“Their yacht agency, Superyachts 153°, assists with all needs, including itinerary planning. While they enthusiastically recommend the Kimberley cruising region, they additionally recommend Tasmania by superyacht. The region is especially naturally beautiful. This two-week itinerary takes you round-trip from Hobart through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wine regions, and more. Saul and Wilson say you could easily spend a month in the area, too.

Nature is what Tasmania does best, and you have plenty to choose from, with 19 National Parks scattered around the state. Solitary beaches, bush walks, mountainous backdrops, and an array of wildlife.……”

To read our full article please click on the link below!

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