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Superyacht Freight and Logistics

When I worked on superyachts shipping to different countries for yard periods was always stressful!

Depending on which country you were in, where you were shipping goods from, how much Duty/GST/VAT etc. you may need to pay (and if you could claim that back) will the goods arrive and clear customs on time, or one detail was missed on the shipping note so your items were lost and required to be 'hunted down' - more likely than not, just sitting at customs waiting to be cleared by SOMEONE.

Luckily, here in Australia shipping is fairly straight forward when you understand the process. With well organised freight forwarding companies and customs brokers shipping spare parts, equipment or supplies need not be a hassle.

In most cases goods can be temporarily imported and as long as those good are exported (depart with the yacht) within 12 months of their arrival then the Import Duty and GST on the goods usually payable can be claimed back. At Superachts 153° we work closely with custom brokers to ensure you receive your goods on-time, by providing all the information you will need to avoid paying Import Duty and GST and those timely delays.

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